The Return

Hi, guys!!

It’s nice to be back on the blog again. I took a little bit of a hiatus (almost 2 years, if you’re insistent on being technical…) and as you can imagine, a lot of life happened in that time. Coffee was consumed. Adventures were had. Two or three full seasons of Real Housewives were watched.

While I was “hiating,” however, I thought a lot about this blog and about writing in general. The truth is, I’ve missed this.

I was checking the mail the other day and on my journey to the mailbox a thought struck me… I’d forgotten to get groceries and would have to figure out how to make dinner with what I had: lemons and rice.

And then another thought. Is lemon rice a thing? And then, naturally, why am I not blogging?

And here, folks, I am. Blogging again.

This time around I’d like to do things a teensy bit differently. I’m still here to uplift you and inspire you, but I also want to be more personal. In between posts written to inspire, I’ll talk about life and my response to it. Should be fun!

Til next time,