Why hello there!

My name is Brittany.

I love Jesus. He is my favorite. Donuts are my other favorite.

I am a Christian (hence the love of Jesus), avid coffee enthusiast, animal lover, and a creator of some pretty savage doodles.

My secret talents include very convincing Russian and Brooklyn accents, making perfume, eating ice cream quickly without getting a brain freeze, the uncanny ability to find four-leaf clovers, and losing all my bobby pins. I can also type 70 words per minute if I try really hard.

Writing is a big passion of mine, but I also really like to sing, talk, draw, paint, and knit (because I’m a secret old lady), and sometimes doing pilates on days I eat too many cookies. I like being outside and stopping to admire fluffy woodland creatures. The way to my heart is by baking me things and handing me kittens.

~Brittany ❤




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